With an enviable reputation in both wholesale and retail markets, we offer antiquities to suit a range of budgets. $1,850 FULL DETAILS Egyptian Wedjat Eye Amulet circa 1070-664 B.C. Details. It was everything we were hoping for and more. We recently purchased a beautiful Byzantine sgraffito bowl from Helios Gallery. 1 2 3 … 5 . Thank you, Sam and Rolf . Bronze (32) Faience (174) Pottery (17) Sculpture (31) Stone (98) Wood (31) Artigua, Ancient Arts Community. I am very satisfied with my experience with your gallery so far and intend to make further purchases in the near future. Faience ushabties, amulets, scarabs and other art can be found here. Thank you for making this such a pleasurable experience. As a professional Levantine archaeologist and curator of archaeological exhibitions I highly recommend Helios Gallery. European Palaeolithic or Neolithic stone tools, Bronze Age or Iron Age vessels and utensils. Up to now I have only collected Roman and Greek coins, so I had looked forward to expanding my antiquities collection. Choose from 22 Antique Egyptian For Sale - priced from £145 to £4,800. Details. The items listed hail from my own large private collection of antiquities, fossils and curios amassed over 30+ years of collecting. Gold masks and bright blue shabti figures spring to mind but superb artistry is abundant. I have known Helios Gallery since many years now and I am very grateful for their most trustworthy handling of unprovenanced material. -essential stores. Antiques, Regional Art, Ancient World, Egyptian offered for sale on Trocadero - internet antique mall. They sell high quality items for good prices. I found an item on Helios Gallery online but the trick is, would they be able to ship quickly enough. Neolithic period through to the Coptic era. Statute covering cultural patrimony Code 2600, CHAPTER 14, and are guaranteed to be as described or your money back. Egyptian Antiquities have fascinated the West since the 'Egyptomania' that followed Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, spurred on by the deciphering of hieroglyphics and the discovery of Tutankhamun's intact tomb. Welcome to MuseumSurplus.com. Ancient pottery vases from Athens and Classical Magna Graecia; also Minoan, Mycenaean, Corinthian, Boeotian and Laconian antiquities. Skip to Main Content Toggle navigation × Close . Research past prices of Greek, Roman & Egyptian Antiquities to buy or bid confidently today! ROMAN SARDONYX CAMEO 2nd-3rd Century A.D. Only Genuine Antique Egyptian Approved for sale on www.sellingantiques.co.uk If you are looking to purchase an artifact from Egypt, you will find various forms of ushabtis, scarabs, amulets, statues, fragments and more in this section. I love this comment Laurence, Thank you and welcome back to collecting sam and Rolf. Genuinely good people with a lot of knowledge. I had already decided to get an antique from the bronze age from a local store here in Amsterdam but then a COVID lockdown went into effect for all non-essential stores. Thank you. Thank you Craig for your kind comment, so glad you liked the bowl, Sam and Rolf . Ancient Egyptian Amulets for Sale See also: Eye of Horus / Udjat Amulets. Fine Art. Endlessly fascinating and mysterious, Ancient Egypt has created objects of rare beauty and very interesting use. Orders consistently dispatched quickly and well packaged. Looks like I have the bug again. Varied artifacts from Rome and its vast empire including pottery utensils, marble statue fragments, bronze figures and exquisite glass vessels. Thank you Margaret for your kind comments, always a pleasure to hear back from our customers, Sam and Rolf, Helios Gallery specialises in the ethical sourcing of provenanced Egyptian, Classical and Mediterranean antiquities and adhere to, Our website is updated weekly, please click New Items to view our recent acquisitions or click on the, Helios Gallery is a member of the Antiquities Dealers Association (. From our blog Excellent reference on Egyptian antiquities trade - free! London's leading purveyor of antiquities and coins, Ancient Art has been actively dealing in ancient artefacts and coins for almost 40 years. Current Offerings -- Egyptian Antiquities : Current Offerings. Having built up an enviable reputation both in the wholesale and retail markets, Ancient Art strives to sell antiquities at affordable prices with all items unconditionally guaranteed authentic, with each item being sold with a certificate of authenticity. The ADA is a corporate member of the Museums Association and on the board of the British Art Market Federation. The Antiquities department specialises in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Asiatic, and Middle Eastern artefacts featuring marble, bronzes, jewellery and pottery. Now less than a week before our anniversary, I was in trouble. Much LARGER than most Ushabtis available !!! Ancient Egypt is the source of some of the most recognisable and iconic antiquities. The delicate piece of Roman glass I ordered arrived promptly. Get the best deal for Egyptian Antiquities from the largest online selection at eBay.com. Thank you for making this such a pleasurable experience. This area of the gallery displays our complete collection of ancient coins and antiquities for sale. Established 1989 Helios Gallery - Antiquities for sale Helios Gallery specialises in the ethical sourcing of provenanced Egyptian, Classical and Mediterranean antiquities and adhere to responsible trading policies which protect the global archaeological heritage. All items come fully described and with a Certificate of Authenticity. Rolf and crew totally saved me. Thank you so much Peter, we are both delighted to get such a great message from you. All my Egyptian artifacts were legally exported from Egypt prior to the 1970 UNESCO treaty, and my policies comply with all international trade laws regarding antiquities. Photo in hand (to illustrate size) #7483: EGYPTIAN TOMB Ushabti - 664 to 525 BC, XXVI Dynasty Hieroglyphs down front and around back . You bet! Greek, Roman & Egyptian Antiquities For Sale; Egyptian Shabti of Psamtik-Sa-Neith Details. These ancient artefacts for sale allow you to own a piece of ancient history. From a vast selection of amulets to small vessels to multi-coloured beads, there is a wide choice of extraordinary items, each of which has a tale to tell. I just received the Luristan beaker through the mail that I ordered from Helios at the beginning of the month. "The online essential to building collections" SUBCATEGORIES . Thank you very much! Garry Edwards Antiquities at the Antiques Centre York, Yorkshire, UK. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The items stem from old collections and are well documented. Why? You bet! Regular stock renewal with interesting pieces at great prices. Best regards, Pedro C. Thank you Pedro and wishing you a very Happy 2021, Sam and Rolf:). They are truly Museum-Class and the "Best of the Best". I will shop with you again. You can find ancient weapons and ancient Celtic artefacts, as well as ancient Asian and Chinese artefacts. our privacy statement in full is on