DS-400 has a particle size of 3 x … HS-400 is activated alumina impregnated media and HS-600 is zeolite impregnated media. Moisture content of 10-15% by weight. Arsenic removal Agent. Final stage high capacity refillable adsorption module with activated alumina with potassium permanganate (for use with SP-981-2A or SP-981-2B portable systems). Potassium Permanganate Alumina from Xi'an Lvneng Purification Technology Co., Ltd.. Search High Quality Potassium Permanganate Alumina Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba.com. Hydrogen Peroxide Adsorption. Potassium permanganate activated alumina is a common chemical adsorption materials, advanced new type environmentally friendly catalyst. DS-400 has a bulk density of 50 lbs. 10% Potassium Permanganate Alumina Bead Inquiry Basket. Contact us for help selecting the right media. Bed support for molecular sieves. Type 3A. Molecular Weight: 58.10. 6 in. per cu.ft. It use strong oxidizing of potassium permanganate, reducing the harmful gas from the air oxidation decomposition, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air. Claus Catalyst. Very large internal surface areas characterized by micro porosity. Activated Alumina With Potassium Permanganate For Removal Harmful Gases, US $ 300 - 500 / Metric Ton, ALUMINA, 1344-28-1, Activated Alumina oxide ball.Source from Zibo Yinghe Chemical Co., Ltd. on … potassium permanganate alumina répertoire des fabricants ☆ Plus de 3,000,000 importateurs et exportateurs inscrits. Molecular Weight: … Activated Alumina Buy 2-3 Mm Beads Activated Alumina Catalyst For Hydrogen Peroxide. Inert Alumina Ceramic Balls. Products Introduction of Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina. Activated Alumina with Potassium Permanganate in Water Adsorption. Molecular Sieves 3A Molecular Sieve. Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina for Waste Gas Adsorb Inquiry Basket. Bed support for activated alumina. Characteristics of Activated alumina potassium permanganate: lHigh bulk density. Potassium permanganate on alumina Sodium permanganate on alumina Blends Impregnated alumina Plain activated carbons Impregnated carbon Catalytic carbon Desiccant. $1.50-$1.80 500 Kilograms (MOQ) 9. SDS; Potassium fluoride. 10% Potassium Permanganate Alumina Bead. nH2O (0
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