To start your day with a smile, we're going to post five funny viral videos and memes every morning. So, to spread joy instead of germs, here are ten more of our favorite coronavirus memes. They're all good boys. But no matter how hard it gets, there’s always a cold weapon known as a sense of humor. Here are some of the best and funniest memes we could find today. by Hattie Soykan. If you're having a bad day, worry not⁠—dog memes have come to the rescue! We have to be honest, memes can make light of any situation. The threat of coronavirus is weighing on every one of us. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now a global pandemic, as are coronavirus memes. Updated daily! And some people aren’t missing a chance to spice up the hard times with killer jokes, viral memes, and deadly funny quips. Coronavirus The Morning Laugh: 5 funny videos and memes to start your day with a smile. Scroll through these hilarious dog memes when you need a pick-me-up. Now here's the sequel. As many are now, or will be, working from home soon, because of the Coronavirus scare, we can laugh a little bit before we have to go back to the chaos of kids, housework, walking the dog, working from home and taking care of the husband (who has a slight cough, but claims he's dying from the Coronavirus). 10 COVID-19 Memes that will Bring a Smile to Your Face From toilet paper shortages to hand sanitizer, people across the nation are finding ways to bring humor to a bad situation. Garret Roberts, A mericans may be facing the stresses of a pandemic and social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our sense of humor. Amanda Reed, It’s clear that you enjoyed our first round-up of coronavirus memes. Rounding up the funniest jokes about the coronavirus from Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and beyond from comedians such as Patti Harrison, Patton Oswalt, Carmen Christopher, Norm Macdonald, and more. These funny pets have gone viral thanks to their sheer cuteness. Posted on Mar 21, 2017. 100 Dog Memes That Will Keep You Laughing For Hours. March 25, 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic continues to cause widespread anxiety and disrupt economies throughout the world, and while we don’t take the disease lightly, we understand that Coronavirus memes have their place in killing time and helping calm people for the new reality of living in a world with COVID-19. That's why no matter who you are or how you're feeling, our list of funny dog memes will cheer you up right away. 10 More COVID-19 Memes to Continue to Make You Smile You loved the first iteration. It's an indisputable fact that dogs are awesome and everyone loves them. 15 Hilarious Dog Memes You’ll Laugh at Every Time By Morgan Cutolo, Updated: May. 26, 2020 If you've ever had a furry friend or you just love the animal, these dog memes … March 19, 2020.